Innovative Partnership in Emergency Management and Public Alerting

CLOUD M and Tsunado NZ are delighted to announce a new joint approach to public alerting solutions which will see the development of an innovative relationship to help promote resilience and safety for all New Zealanders.  

CLOUD M built and delivered the Auckland Civil Defence & Emergency Management (CDEM) alerting platform and native mobile phone application (Alerter) with in excess of 50,000 registered users.  This has been successfully operational for the last two years and is currently being considered for national use. Alerter helps the CDEM agency alert the public of emergencies, keeping them informed of emergency response, and helps prepare them to cope during a disaster. It also helps the public take care of themselves and each other. It connects close friends and loved ones in a secure, private network, and helps households develop and manage household emergency plans. 

Tsunado NZ has developed a unique public alerting system known as TSUNADO, which has been built to provide geo-targeted alerts across the country, using satellite and FM radio to distribute the alerts.  TSUNADO  continues to receive information even when there is no power, mobile or internet availability.   

The system uses simple, unobtrusive Alert Radios  placed in the home, which sound a warning (similar in loudness to a smoke detector).  The Alert Radios display a text message to the user, and then automatically connect to an audio feed from a local radio or satellite TV station to provide further information.  With inbuilt rechargeable batteries, authorized information is able to be continually received for up to five days after an emergency event.The TSUNADO devices replace the need for a battery operated radio, which is an essential component of every recommended emergency survival kit.

CLOUD M and Tsunado NZ have agreed a “better together” approach whereby civil defence emergency management groups can utilize the CLOUD M Alerter solution and have this automatically activate  the TSUNADO system.  

“It’s great to see two best-of-breed companies working together in the best interests of our communities,” says Clive Manley, Auckland Civil Defence and Emergency Management Director.  “Auckland uses CLOUD M’s multi- channel alerting platform and automated mobile application, Alerter to inform the public of emergencies. Integrating this with the TSUNADO Alert Radio provides the public and businesses with further warning capability and radio connection, and particularly strengthens our ability to contact and alert people  during the night”.   

“Our objective is to leverage the best technology in making the greatest difference for people everywhere,” says Richard Gill, CEO CLOUD M. “We are pleased to enable our alerting platform to be linked with TSUNADO and give the public the greatest chance of safety in times of emergency”. 


Rhys Greensill, CEO, Tsunado NZ, agrees, “Tsunado NZ has been strongly supported by Callaghan Innovation in the creation of patented IP that is first-of-a-kind globally in the use of satellite in public warning systems .  When integrated with CLOUD M’s Alerter it provides a comprehensive alerting solution for Civil Defence, and enables them to communicate to everyone - even those without mobile or internet technologies.” 


For CLOUD M please contact: Yas Greenslade + 64 21 832 210 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

CLOUD M overview 

CLOUD M is a New Zealand based mobile platform and applications company targeting health and safety, emergency management and education. CLOUD M was founded in 2010 by Richard Gill and is chaired by Helen Robinson. 

CLOUD M has been developing innovative solutions for the benefit of public wellbeing including Auckland's Civil Defence public alerting system. In an increasingly isolated world, CLOUD M believes technology has the power to drive safer work practices, higher levels of learning and participation, and strengthen a neighbourhood’s ability to survive emergencies. For more information visit:  

For Tsunado NZ please contact: Rhys Greensill +64 9 281 4392   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Tsunado NZ overview 

The TSUNADO system has been developed by a team with a clear vision to create an alerting system that enables Civil Defence to reach into homes and businesses and quickly alert, inform and save citizens from impending threat.   With a philosophy that technology should do the work for the user, the team  have worked for a number of years to develop this simple yet effective form of public alerting in times of Civil Emergency.. 

Tsunado NZ is a wholly owned subsidiary of Disaster Warning Systems Limited, which is chaired by Al Monro.   The company is 100% New Zealand owned and is based in Auckland and Tauranga. For more information visit:   

For Auckland Civil Defence Emergency Management please contact: 

Kiri Maxwell, Senior Advisor Readiness  Ph +649 369 7254 | Mobile +64 27 22 55 902 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  




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